We are sorry to report that we are not aware of any cannabis prisoners having been released this year. Most of those featured below have submitted petitions for clemency to a President Biden or others, and/or have motions for compassionate release in the sentencing courts.

We continuously send funds to them all to help with their commissary needs and we help those who have been released find housing, jobs & job training, clothing, medical treatments and whatever they need to successfully rejoin their communities. We work hand-in-hand with many organizations to these ends.

If you would like to write to any of these prisoners, please feel free to contact them at the addresses provided. Please feel free to write a "letter in support of clemency" to the president and send a copy to the office of the pardon attorney. for more info' contact us: vowd@gmail.com.
Pedro Moreno profile
Pedro Moreno
Incarcerated in 1996
Life Sentence for Cannabis
- Pedro's Profile -
Hector McGurk
Incarcerated in 2003
Life Sentence for Cannabis
- Hector's Profile -
Ismael Lira
Incarcerated in 2004
Life Sentence for Cannabis
- Ismael's Profile -
Albert Madrid
Incarcerated in 2000
Life Sentence for Cannabis
- Albert's Profile -
Terrance Mosley
Life Sentence for Cannabis
- Terrance's Profile -
Michael Woods
Life Sentence for Cannabis
- Michael's Profile -
Parker Coleman
Incarcerated in 2010
27 Years for Cannabis
- Parker's Profile -
Leroy Lovell
31 Years for Cannabis
- Leroy's Profile -
Edwin Rubis
40 Years for Cannabis
- Edwin's Profile -
Thomas Ranes
30 Years for Cannabis
- Thomas's Profile -
Dannye McIntosh
30 Years for Cannabis
- Dannye's Profile -
Gabriel Gomez
30 Years for Cannabis
- Gomez's Profile -
Kevin Harden
30 Years for Cannabis
- Kevin's Profile -
Harold Klump
30 Years for Cannabis
- Harold's Profile -
Maurice Anderson
22 Years for Cannabis
- Maurice's Profile -
Luke Scarmazzo
22 Years for Cannabis
- Luke's Profile -
Kerry Collier
20 Years for Cannabis
- Kerry's Profile -
Derrell McDougal
20 Years for Cannabis
- Derrell's Profile -
Allan Snyder
17 Years for Cannabis
- Allan's Profile -
Rogelio Hidalgo
16 Years for Cannabis
- Rogelio's Profile -
Serving Less than 15 years
Lance Gloor
10 Years for Cannabis
- Lance's Profile -
Trevor Saller
13 Years for Cannabis
- Trevor's Profile -
Reginald Patterson
12 Years for Cannabis
- Reginald's Profile -
Renee Izaguirre
9 Years for Cannabis
- Renee's Profile -
Donald Fugitt
11 Years for Cannabis
- Donald's Profile -
Derrick White
11 Years for Cannabis
- Derrick's Profile -
Serving in Russia

Brittney Griner, a former American women's basketball star, was sentenced to 9 years in prison for deliberately smuggling cannabis into Russia. Prior to hearing the verdict, Griner apologized to the court and requested leniency. She was fined $1 Million Rubles (about $16,400).

- Brittney Griner Story -
Marc-Fogel trial

Marc Fogel , 60+ years old, was arrested in August of 2021 and sentenced to 14 years in a penal colony in Russia for possession of cannabis. He worked for the US State Dept and was attached to the US Embassy.

- Marc Fogel Story -