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"My name is Ismael Lira. I am 41 years old [NOW 45] and I am currently confined in the United States Federal Penitentiary at Terre Haute, Indiana, Where I am serving a life sentence for the distribution of marijuana. I am writing to ask you for your consideration in commuting my federal sentence. Mr. President, I am a first-time offender. My case does not involve any violence and I have now served 14 [NOW 18] years in prison thus far. I decided to write to you and respectfully ask for your help because I have no other legal recourse other than to seek to have my sentence commuted. During the 14 [18] years of my incarceration, I have tried to take advantage of the various programs that the Bureau of Prisons offers in order to try and build character and become a better person. I am currently enrolled in an 18-month program called the Life Connections Program (LCP). This program focuses on preparing us to become pillars of the community as well as productive citizens. Additionally, I also work for the Safety Department here at the Terre Haute prison, where I am gaining a vast amount of experience and valuable skills that I intend to put to use in the community upon my release from prison. President Trump, despite the fact that I was guilty and was convicted for marijuana, I am not a bad person. I have previously worked and paid taxes and I lived a law-abiding life. It was just that once I got caught up in the situation that I did, it snowballed and the result is that I now sit here with very little hope. I have strong community ties as well as solid family ties and it is the support of my family which has kept me going this far into my sentence. If I were to be released, my family will be there to support me every step of the way and I have a job waiting for me, as a paralegal in a law firm in San Antonio, Texas. I firmly believe that if I were to be given a second chance at life, I would never again jeopardize it and I know that I now have the tools to help me be a productive and law-abiding member of society again.