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Parker Coleman is 36 years old. He has been in prison since 2010 for a non-violent, no guns, marijuana conspiracy which transported cannabis from California to Charlotte, NC. He went to trial & was originally sentenced to 60 years. Parker has work experience for Zale's Diamond Store, Big & Tall Men's Store & for the Marriott Hotel. At the present time he is in fairly good health. He has kept himself busy bettering himself while incarcerated. He's successfully completed four (4) drug programs including the 11 hardest" Challenge Program and he has over 20 other certificates from classes offered in the prison which are designed to help prepare men to rejoin society and the workforce. Parker states he loves this country, that he is guilty of being an imperfect man and he accepts full responsibility for his actions and admits that he honestly thought that he had everything figured out only to realize later that he didn't know anything. His mother is a registered nurse and his father a retired and disabled Marine who served in The Persian Gulf War. In school, Parker received the Presidential AllA's Award in 1996. He was an honor roll student throughout high school and took advanced placement and college-level courses. He admits that he made plenty of mistakes but has 11learned from those mistakes and will never make them again."