Hector McGurk profile
Hector McGurk
Incarcerated in 2003
Life Sentence for Cannabis

HECTOR MCGURK #25843-180
PO BOX 3725

Age: 62 Charges: Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cannabis; conspiracy to money launder

Incarcerated Since 7/3/2003.
Trial or Plea: Trial - 1st 12/2004 hung jury; 2d 4/13/2005 convicted

Health Issues: diabetes.

Hector Ruben McGurk is a nonviolent marijuana offender who is serving a sentence of life without parole.

Ruben will die in federal prison for a nonviolent marijuana offense if he does not receive a commutation from the President. When Hector was tried for this offense the first jury was not able to find him guilty and the trial ended with a hung jury. Federal prosecutors tried him a second time and he was convicted of this marijuana offense and was given a life sentence. At the second trial, the prosecution was able to convince another person to testify against him for a plea agreement. This was a marijuana conspiracy and Ruben does not deny his role in it. Conspiracy charges involve many people and can take place over a period of years. Ruben was tried for conspiracy and therefore was held responsible for everything that was done for the designated period of time. Ruben is very sorry for participating in this offense and accepts responsibility. He has become a mentor and has built a prison resume. He is currently in FCI Tucson. This is the first time in over 8 years that Ruben has been close enough to home for his children and his sister to visit. He prays for mercy and compassion.