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KEVIN HARDEN #10210-028

Daughter of Kevin Harden:

My name is Azjanae Hancock my father is Kevin Harden he has been locked up for 11 years serving a 30 year sentence for Marijuana which is complete injustice. My father has gotten more time than a rapist or murderer. My father has missed 11 years of my life the most important years in a little girl’s life. He has missed my birthdays, holidays, graduation, and accomplishments. I had no father to learn from or get advice about life and men. My father Kevin Harden is a great person, father, uncle, brother, and grandfather. He has served his time. Marijuana is becoming legal and our government is making profits while he sits behind bars. My father also has medical conditions that are severe. I need my father home. Please release my father so he can be my father. Too many years are lost.
Thank you


Fiancé  of Kevin Harden:

Hi my name is Melissa Hancock I am writing you on behalf of Kevin Harden. He is my Fiancé and my daughters father. He is currently serving a 30 year sentence for Marijuana. So far he has served 11 of those years. The injustice of sentence is quite baffling. The violation of his 8th and 9th Amendment is astounding. This sentence exceeds the crime. Kevin has gotten more time than a rapist, murderer, pedophile, and even a sex trafficker. His crime which in all reality can not be labeled a crime. The United States is making money off the same thing he is locked up for. How are these nonviolent offenders doing lengthy sentences for something you can walk into a store to buy? How can one sit behind bars for a plant that has been known to help those with weakened immune system, chronic pain, cancer, seizures, anxiety, and etc…

Why is it that Kevin Harden co-defendants who all were Caucasian which one was giving a life sentence for the exact charges all be released, but yet he remains in Federal prison?

It has been statistically proven that African American men are punished greater than their counterparts. Can anyone explain why Kevin is still behind bars for marijuana and why all others in this case are home with their families? Kevin also was denied during Covid-19 crisis to be medically released even though he has had three open heart surgeries, a stroke during one of those operations and was clinically dead for a short time not granted release, but a Caucasian man who had asthma was granted release? Kevin Harden has never drank or indulge in drugs. Prior to getting locked up he suffered a Aortic Aneurysm in his early thirties and miraculously survived. He did not know that the cause was high blood pressure until the doctors told him this cause the Aortic Aneurysm to rupture. Kevin is needing a 4th surgery to remove a large hernia on his side but the doctors are fearful for the chances of undergoing another major surgery. Kevin is not getting the proper treatment and the disappointment of our justice system allowing a human life to remain locked up for a ridiculous amount of time over marijuana is just mind blowing. I am asking for any help from you. He has served way more than his fair share over this charge. He is a father and his children have suffered for 11 years. Kevin Harden is a great father and man. He has taken all the courses to better himself. He has not got into any trouble the entire 11 years. With his condition he can not work but we plan to resume his disability and myself personally can financially provide for our home. Please release our childrens father, my soon to be husband and a great person who truly is a remarkable man. Allow Kevin this wish and allow him to enjoy the time he has left to be home.