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Maurice Anderson


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Maurice Anderson grew up in Sumpter, South Carolina. He has 4 brothers and 4 sisters. His parents are deceased. As a youngster he worked at Bojangles and Gold Kist. As an adult he was the CEO of his own entertainment company. He is well polished in public speaking and event planning. He enjoys jogging, reading and playing Scrabble. He also works daily to "improve my mind, body, and spirit." He has taught many programs offered in the BOP. When released he has a job waiting as a concert promoter. He took a plea and did not go to trial and was convicted of “Conspiracy to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine and 100 kilograms of marijuana, and money laundering.” There were no guns involved. While in prison Maurice has taken almost every program it has to offer and has taught at least 7 classes. I asked him if there was anything he needs now and he said he needs prayers for his release. When asked is there  anything else he added: "I want people who are in the legal authority to make changes to reschedule marijuana and reconsider their war on drugs [and] my sentence of 22 years, in violation of the laws of this country.” He added “My Rule 11 (c)(1)(c) plea was accepted by the District Court for 12 years but at sentencing the judge imposed 22 years. There is no provision that allows a judge to exceed the agree[d] upon sentence inside of a plea once accepted."